12 Days of Christmas- self closing box

This box is a favourite. It can be made quickly, and can be any size you want.

I’ve made long and lean for a sleeve of Mentos and a lip balm. I’ve made them slightly larger for Lindor chocolates, and this one is huge, and would easily hold a variety of treats.

As long as you keep your score line across the bottom the same width as the box bottom tabs, you can make your container any size you want.

You also need to remember to keep the full score in the middle and the end, as illustrated in the printable below.

The finished size of this box has a 2″ flat bottom, and is 9″ tall. The ribbon closure is not necessary, but it does give a nice decorative touch.

And, as with all projects, you can completely customize it with the papers, stamps, and embellishments you choose.

Happy crafting, and I can’t wait to see what you create. Be sure to join me in my Facebook group.

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