How do I clean my stamps?

One of the questions I frequently get is how to properly clean stamps. There are several different ways, and tools you can use. How you clean your stamps will depend on the kind of ink you used to stamp your image. The photo illustrates some of the tools, and cleaning solutions Stampin’ Up! offers.

If you have used Stampin’ Up! Classic inks, you can use plain water to wash the ink off the stamp- simply run it under water until the ink is gone. You can also use a lint-free baby wipe or reusable cloth to remove the ink, however, you want to ensure there’s no fluff left behind from the wipe. If there is, it could affect how the image stamps the next time, or it could leave bits of fluff on your stamp pad.

One of my favourite Stampin’ Up! stamp cleaning tools is the Stampin’ Scrub (1). There’s a wet side, and a dry side. The wet side has a raindrop, and the dry side has a sun icon. For ease, I place a blue sticker dot on the wet side, and a yellow one for the dry side. Spritz some Stampin’ Mist (3) on the wet side, or add a bit of water, and you’re ready to go. Just rub your stamp on the wet side, and then dry it off on the other. You can also take the pads out for washing. It closes for easy storage, and is ready to go for the next round of stamping. The Stampin’ Mist also helps condition rubber stamps.

For an even more portable solution, the Simply Shammy (2) is a great addition to your craft caddy. It comes sealed in a plastic bag, and will have some moisture already in it. It’s super easy to store in a standard stamp case, and can be rinsed out with water, or thrown into the washing machine for a clean (just don’t put it in the dryer!). If it ever does get dried out, simply run under warm water until pliable, and then wring it out well. To clean your stamp, all you need to do it tamp it on the shammy a few times until no more ink comes off.

So, these are great solutions if you’ve use Memento or classic inks, which are water soluble, and easy to wash off. What if you’ve pulled out your Stazon ink to stamp on tile, or used it for watercolour applications? No worries! Stampin’ Up! has you covered, too!

To clean your Stazon stamps, you can use a special cleaner, which is recommended for red rubber stamps. The cleaner is in a container similar to a bingo dabber. Simply run the cleaner all over the surface of the stamp, and then follow up with the Stampin’ Mist cleaner to condition your stamp. It’s not recommended that the Stazon cleaner be left on the stamp. Because Stazon is a quick drying, permanent ink, it may stain your stamp. Don’t be too concerned, though- the ink won’t transfer if you stamp in the classic ink or Memento.

Leave a comment and let me know your favourite stamp cleaning tricks!

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