How do I cut paper?

Every papercrafter starts with one piece or package of patterned paper. Let’s face it- when you have never made a card in your life, it can be intimidating to start. Cutting into the pretty paper is hard- what if you make a mistake? What if it’s the wrong size? Even seasoned papercrafters have those thoughts- and so many of us have the pretty paper we don’t want to cut into, because it is TOO pretty.

I am here to show you how you can get started making your first cards, and how easy it can be, even with just a few tools. In the video, I show you how to get seven cards from one piece of cardstock, and, as your confidence grows, you will be able to get even more cards from one sheet of paper as you explore one sheet wonders (different cutting templates for one piece of paper). But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Check out the video for tips, tricks and ideas.

So, what do you ABSOLUTELY need to start papercrafting? You can create with the most basic supplies, and can start your papercraft journey with a pencil and ruler to create straight lines and scissors to cut with.

Paper and cardstock are needed, and some type of adhesive- glue stick, liquid glue or double sided tape. A stamp, stamp block, and ink, are handy, though, you can get by with printing sentiments with your computer.

If you have a paper trimmer, you can check out this video for tips on measuring your paper.

As you get more comfortable with papercrafting and cardmaking, you can add a paper trimmer. I really do like Stampin’ Up! trimmer, because it has the score blade and the cutting blade, and at $34 CAD, is fairly economical, and the replacement blades come in a pack of four.

I am here to help you on your crafting journey, and this is the first stop in a series for beginner crafters. If you have questions about anything related to papercrafting, please ask away!

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