12 Days of Christmas- pattern play penguin

One of the questions I get quite often is “how do you mix patterns?”.

While I love playing with colours, textures, and patterns, I don’t usually mix patterns on my card, unless it’s the reverse side of the paper I am using.

But, for this card, it started with the idea of the penguin, and the scrap of Storybook Gnome paper I had on my desk. I pulled in the Celebrate Everything paper, as the blue worked, and Black and White Designs paper, because, well, black and white is classic, and goes with anything.

When I am mixing patterns, I usually try to have at least one complimentary element in each of the papers, and Stampin’ Up! makes that easy, not only by listing the colours in the papers on the packaging, but also by having the colours match between all products in the line. The ink, papers, and markers are all the same tone, which makes grab and go crafting a cinch.

Pattern play is also a great way to use up the paper that you might not really love- a little bit of a pattern you find hard to use is often better than a whole panel. And, a small piece can often add just a little bit of interest- plus, you can hide it behind another layer, or stamped panel ;).

I encourage you to grab your patterned paper, and just have a play with it. You might be surprised at what works together! Check out the video:

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