How to get crisp card folds

I recently had an email from a member of my VIP group.

She said “I tend to stay away from trying multiple folds on my cards as I can’t get a crisp fold that will lay flat. Do you have any suggestions? I do use a bone folder but still the folds don’t lay down.

That’s a great question, and one cardmakers have a hard time with sometimes.

Personally, I find using a heavier weight cardstock works better than the thinner, less expensive paper. Also, investing in the proper tools helps achieve a crisp line. A paper trimmer with a scoring blade, like the one Stampin’ Up! offers, or a score tool, are the best bets for achieving a consistent score, and also ensuring it is straight.

A stylus or bone folder are helpful when scoring paper. When using them, you want to be sure to apply consistent pressure, but not press so hard you go through the paper.

If you are using a score board and a bone folder, use the point of the tool, and run it along the cardstock a couple of times. If you are using a paper trimmer with a score blade, run the blade over the cardstock a couple of times to ensure a good groove. I usually go bottom to top and then back to bottom. Scoring the paper from the bottom helps ensure it won’t move, as you are pushing the blade toward the guard, and it is less likely to slip.

Once you have your paper scored, you want to remember to fold the paper away from the groove, so it is on the outside of the card. If you think of it as a valley, you want to push the bottom pieces of the card together, to lift the valley up. Check out the graphic below for a visual.

To help your card lay flat, burnish it (or flatten then fold) a few times with your bone folder. Hold it at about a 45 degree angle, and then pull the bone folder toward you. Doing this a couple of times will create a crisp fold.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more folds a card has, the bulkier it will be, and the less likely it will be that it will fold flat. If you have a bulky card, you can create a belly band with cardstock or patterned paper to keep the card closed. It’s like a belt, and you can decorate it to add extra interest to your card.

Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful. Please check out the video for more ideas.

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