What does it mean to be creative?

How do you feel about creativity? Is it something you embrace, or something you struggle with? I’ve met people of all ages who tell me they are not creative, they are not artistic, and they can’t make things with their own hands.

I feel that everyone, regardless of age or ability has the capacity to create something. All it takes is a little willingness to try something new. Things you’ve tried in the past might not be your thing, but creativity can be expressed in several ways- drawing, painting, ink, yarn, thread, fabric wood, personal style, written word, and even food.

I’ve dabbled in lots of creative endeavors- writing, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, glass art, painting, and stamping. Some were long-term, some short, and some (painting) were not for me. But, the key is to keep trying.

This quote by Arthur Ashe speaks volumes to so much in life. He was a tennis player, and while this quote may have been in reference to the sport, it is applicable to so much more.

How many times have you held back because you didn’t think you were good enough? You didn’t have everything you needed to be successful, or didn’t have the talent? Let’s break this down, bit by bit.

Start where you are.

No one should expect perfection the very first time they try something, nor should anyone else. You didn’t walk perfectly or talk perfectly the first time- it took a stumbles, learning, and practice to improve. In fact, even when you have been working at something for a long time, there are still stumbles and learning opportunities. Remember even people at the top of their chosen career, sport, or whatever were once at the bottom.

Use what you have.

When you start out with something new, you don’t have all the tools, you will start out with a few basics. These are some of the very first cards I created in 2009- even before I heard of Stampin’ Up! I had a couple of stamp sets, one ink pad, a punch, dollar store markers and stickers. I used what I had and started creating. When you are beginning, there’s no need to buy all the latest and greatest, until you decide if this is something you are actually going to enjoy doing.

Do what you can.

Do you want to explore a creative avenue? Go for it! Can’t sit for hours at a time? Do what you can. Having trouble getting started? Just pick up a stamp, ink it up, and press it to paper. After my accident, I had a really hard time sitting and using my left hand for any extended time. So, I did what I could. But, the creativity helped with my mobility, and my mindset, too. Getting caught up in making something can be the perfect break from the everyday.

Ready to jump in?

Not sure how to get started? I would love to help you. You can check out my YouTube channel for video tutorials, or join my email list for weekly inspiration. . If you’d like to take a class, you can find that information here. My classes include Stampin’ Up! product, and easy, step-by-step instruction. Individual creativity is encouraged, and you can ask as many questions as you need.

Remember- creativity is supposed to be fun, and you do it for no one but yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be messy, and there doesn’t need to be a purpose behind the creation. And, most importantly- there’s no wrong in art!

Drop a comment and let me know what creative hobbies you’ve tried and loved (or not loved).

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