Finding inspiration in the bottom of the scrap bin

Cleaning my craft desk after each session isn’t a strength of mine. I usually let it go for a few days, or until I don’t have enough room to use my paper trimmer before I clear it off.

Today was cleaning day. I put everything away and sorted through the papers on my desk. The larger pieces went back into their rightful places, and the scraps, well- they ended up in this card.

The pink layer was a piece I had die cut for another project, Hues of Happiness was an offcut, and the strips were from making layers from other cards.

Sketches are a great way to get started with an idea, and can be made as simply or as elaborate as you wish.

I kept the circle and layered it . The rectangle element is still on the card, but it was also amped up with a strip of Highland Heather and some rhinestones.

The beauty of sketches is that you can follow them exactly or put your own spin on them.

If you decide to try it out, I hope you’ll pop over to my Facebook page and share your creations. There’s a little bit of happy set aside for everyone who chooses to play along this month.


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