Pearlized enamel effects dragonflies

Have you seen the new Pearlized Enamel Effects Basics from Stampin’ Up?

They’re great for adding interest and dimension to cards, but you can also paint with them!

I’ve used them to paint a small area on a card, and on this one, I spread a thin layer over a piece of Basic Black to create a shimmer background. The dragonflies were highlighted with the soft pastels. I love it when an idea comes to mind, and it turns out exactly as envisioned.

For this technique, I put some of the Pearlized Enamel Effects on the cardstock and spread it with a sponge. You can get the same result by using a piece of scrap cardstock. As long as the layer is thin, it will dry quickly, and then you’ll be able to proceed to the next step.

I’d love to hear what you think of this card- pop a comment down below, and let me know if Pearlized Enamel Effects is something you’re going to try out.

Check out the video:

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